Saturday, October 15, 2011

"STREET JUSTICE: Megyn Kelly Interviews Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones" (with video)

MEDIAite wuth video (08:49):
And now for something completely different: A Seattle-based civilian “superhero” ran into some trouble when he was arrested for unleashing a can of pepper spray into a rowdy crowd outside a nightclub. We’re not using the term superhero sarcastically here either. The man, who refers to himself as “Phoenix Jones,” dons a black and gold superhero suit as he goes out to fight and/or commit crimes, and pursues justice with the help of a sidekick, “The Ghost.” He was thanked for all his trouble, by the way, by being repeatedly hit over the head with a shoe by a woman who did not take kindly to someone showering her friends with pepper spray.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly invited the masked crime-fighter onto her show for an edition of “Kelly’s Court.” And he seems like a really nice guy! (Like, really nice. Amirightladies?) Kelly, thankfully, asked the big question on everyone’s mind: “Why are you wearing that costume?” MORE...
Howie P.S.: I try to ignore FAUX NEWS but am making an exception in this instance.

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