Sunday, October 07, 2012

Ari Melber; "Why won’t the GOP talk about affirmative action?"

Ari Melber (Salon):
The right's oddly silent about a Supreme Court affirmative action challenge. Maybe because they use it all the time---In a political season packed with racial controversies, from food stamps to birth certificates, the attack on one of the nation’s most significant racial opportunity programs has managed to fly below the radar. Until now. The Supreme Court, which will hear arguments challenging the legality of affirmative action next Wednesday, is widely expected to strike down the policy as unconstitutional. That would deliver a victory that Republicans have pursued for decades. So why aren’t they talking about it? Mitt Romney, the GOP’s official, if embattled, leader, ruled the topic off-limits this year. MORE...
H/t to KarenHussein Russell

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