Thursday, October 11, 2012

the FIELD NEGRO: "The Andrew Sullivan's suicide watch, and a new political low."

The Field Negro:
What I am explaining is a political strategy that Barack Obama used to get elected. It worked for him because he was new, and every American was searching for that Magic Negro. Well the Magic Negro has been in power for four years, and suddenly he is not so magical anymore. Now his supporters want a fighter. They want someone to look Mitt Romney in the eye and tell him that he is a lying SOB. It's why Andrew Sullivan and others like him are so upset with his debate performance. They wanted Richard Pryor and he gave them Bill Cosby. Now, of course, we have to see if president Obama understands the dynamics of the American electorate. They don't want an angry black man, but they do want someone who is passionate and can defend his record. Mr. Obama told black folks today while talking to Tom Joyner. (Whoops, maybe I shouldn't have said that. I know how it is when you Negroes talk to each other.) He said that he was too polite during the debate. I guess that was his wink/wink to you Negroes that he is going back to being himself, and if he comes off as angry well then so be it. We will see. I am sure Andrew will be watching. Let's just hope that he isn't close to a very high bridge. If Obama loses again the poor guy might jump. MORE...

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