Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WA: "Cougs for Marriage Equality: Approve Ref 74" (with video)

Lakecia Farmer, with video (03:12):
Students at Washington State University support marriage equality for all. We want to move this state forward and APPROVE referendum 74. We are challenging other universities to remind their students to do the same. About: Here in Washington state, there is an important measure on the ballot this election- Referendum 74. On February 13th, Governor Christine Gregoire signed a bill into law allowing loving and committed same-sex couples to marry. Despite this momentous moment, opponents gathered enough signatures to put this law up to a vote. Now the voters will decide, let's prove we are indeed a state on the right side of history. PS, sorry for the confusion. It's APPROVE on the ballot not YES. Measures in WA can be a tad confusing.

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