Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Clinton steps in for Obama in Florida as he spearheads drive for youth vote"

 Bill Clinton in Florida said Romney had 'failed the arithmetic test' and that his economic numbers do not add up. Photograph: John Raoux/AP

Chris McGreal (GuardianUK):
Bill Clinton spearheaded the drive to get the crucial youth vote out for the Democrats in swing state Florida on Monday, stepping in for the president to fire up a student audience by deriding Mitt Romney over climate change, student loans and an inability to do arithmetic.
"I have very strong feelings about this election. I'm not mad at anybody. Shucks, I don't mind Governor Romney for wanting to be president. I did too. But this is not about the candidates. This about you and your future," Clinton told a receptive crowd at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. "It's about two very different approaches and which one is more likely to build a 21st century of the American dream." MORE...

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