Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Obama's Edge: The Ground Game That Could Put Him Over the Top"

Molly Ball (The Atlantic):
In a close election, the president's sophisticated organization -- which Republicans don't seem to have matched -- could make all the difference. STERLING, Virginia -- A giant chalkboard takes up a wall in this unassuming office suite hung with Obama signs, one of more than 60 of campaign offices for the president in this battleground state. On it is drawn a calendar of the final weeks before the election. Phone banks, canvasses, and campaign events are marked in color-coded chalk. And every Saturday through Nov. 6, in capital letters, is marked "DRY RUN" -- a precision-timed Election Day simulation drill, where everything from data reporting to snacks is rehearsed down to the minute. Forget the polls, the debates, the last-minute ads and volleys of insults. This is how the Obama campaign plans to win the election. MORE...

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