Sunday, October 07, 2012

Joan Walsh: "Sunday best: Chuck Todd loses it" (with video)

Joan Walsh (SALON) with video:
He blasts Jack Welch for "corroding trust in our government" while Paul Krugman drives Mary Matalin insane---What use are Sunday morning news shows in our post-truth political era? Four days after Mitt Romney lied his way through his debate with a listless, diffident President Obama, and two days after former GE CEO Jack Welch ousted Donald Trump to become Mayor of Crazytown on Foursquare, journalists and campaign surrogates had a lot of decisions to make: Would conservatives escalate, backing Romney and Welch? Would liberals fight back more effectively than Obama (OK, that’s an easy one)? And would reporters on the panels lapse into easy “both sides do it” equivalence and ignore the way the Republican campaign, including Welch and Romney himself, has ratcheted up the prevarication and character assassination to new levels? MORE...

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