Sunday, May 08, 2005

Andree B. Maitland Dean--Howard's Mom

“I thought it was preposterous, the silliest thing I’d ever heard,” says Andree Maitland Dean, a widow (her husband died in August 2001) who works as an art appraiser. “It seemed like such a quixotic quest.”-from New York Metro, commenting on his campaign for president.

"Howard didn't have the least bit of a glamorous upbringing," Ma Dean told the New York Times last week. "When I was growing up, we didn't even treat the servants like servants." -from an interview that first appeared in the NY Times.

"Last week I asked Dean's mother Andree Maitland Dean of East Hampton, N.Y., whether her son is truly a liberal insurgent. "He's not really," she said. A beat passed, and she added with a chuckle, "I hope they don't find that out just yet." -from the story in Time magazine.

"Even the candidate's mother, Andree Maitland Dean, said in a recent interview about his medical deferment, "Yeah, that looks bad." -from the AP story.

"While Dean's father barreled through life, his mother tiptoed. Elegant and aristocratic, Andree B. Maitland carries herself daintily and chooses her words carefully. She met Big Howard through his prep-school friendship with her brother. She dropped out of Barnard College to marry at 18 and devoted herself to entertaining her husband's clients and rearing her boys. She made a softer impression in her sons' lives, acting as confidante rather than agitator. But she encouraged the boys to be adventurers. When her husband was too busy working, she drove the boys on a cross-country trip to Wyoming and took them to Africa. Years later, she would return to college herself, then begin a successful appraising business." -from the story in the Boston Globe.

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