Friday, May 20, 2005

''Screaming at Dean''

Howie Kurtz, Beltway insider and syncophant, provides the echo chamber for Novak and Co. in today's Washington Post:

"Howard Dean is in hot water again.

The right-wing blogosphere is after him.

Bob Novak is after him.

Left-wingers aren't really defending his latest outburst.

And he faces Tim Russert on Sunday.

So much for keeping a low profile."

When Dean got the DNC job, I predicted that they would go after him, if they thought he posed a threat to their power. Wait a minute, who's "screaming" now? Update: Howie Kurtz is a "sycophant", ("fawning flatterer: somebody who servilely or obsequiously flatters a powerful person for personal gain") not that other name I called him. In the heat of name-calling passion, I goofed.

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