Friday, May 06, 2005

Missouri Democrats and the DNC

"After Matt Blunt defeated McCaskill, Corey and Jack Cardetti--the only two people in the Jeff City office--took stock of the situation and made some crucial decisions. The first was that as of January, they went into "Attack the Republicans" mode. (Details tomorrow!) The second was that they began contacting every Democratic group they could find in the state to begin talks about what those groups needed and wanted to accomplish in their part of the state. The third was tracking down Howard Dean soon after he was elected DNC chair. Corey and Claire McCaskill drove to Kansas, where Dean was speaking, and wangled a private interview. They explained that the party would either have to close its doors in a couple of months or it would start building, and money would be the deciding factor. Missouri's state party was the FIRST to submit a plan to Dean, and it was among the first four targeted by the DNC. With the money they received from the national party, Corey and Jack were able to begin hiring staff."-from the post on the Change for Missouri Blog.

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