Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dean in Sydney, Australia: Another Firsthand Account

"A few nights ago we went to see Howard Dean speak. He’s here visiting his daughter who’s doing a semester abroad at Sydney University. Even though he’s on vacation, he took the time to speak to Democrats Abroad, an organisation that we checked out after seeing their float in the Mardi Gra parade. The new DNC chair, thousands of miles away from the states, with a small crowd and no media coverage whatsoever, was presented with a unique opportunity to be as straightforward as possible, without all the usual political spin.

It was exactly what I needed. With the movies we’ve been watching lately (The Corporation, OutFoxed, The World According to Bush etc.) coupled with the news that reaches us from the states, I’ve been wondering out loud, what are we going back to?

It’s overwhelming at times.

But Dean got me fired up and ready for another 12 rounds at least. There’s no whining or making excuses. We need to do it better. And we will."-from the post On The Rainy River blog.

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sojourning crow said...

away from the the critical scruitiny and standard-recording microphones a man stands at a podium to deliver a speech. will it be true.

time is the only unbiased revealer of truth. and IF it does not happen are there actually consequences??