Thursday, May 12, 2005

Strange Bedfellows: ''Gregoire channels Bush''

David Broder makes the case: "SEATTLE —As a loyal Democrat, Gov. Christine Gregoire would never name President Bush as her role model. But in an odd way, she is demonstrating in her state of Washington the same leadership traits that Bush has put on display in Washington, D.C." Broder's body may be in Seattle, but his brain is still inside the Beltway. Why. you ask, do I say that? He overlooks the fact that Bush's "victories" were marked by voter suppression, a partisan judicial intervention, suspicious tallying, intimidation and god knows what else. The close race in Washington state had none of the above, unless you want to count Snohomish County. He has a point on leadership styles though. Update: "Commander-In-Thief": John Conyers reminds us why 'Bush wasn't given a mandate with election victory.'

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