Thursday, May 19, 2005

''Dean: Don't mimic GOP''

"PHOENIX - The chairman of the national Democratic Party said Wednesday that the secret to winning elections is for members of his party to stop acting like Republicans. Howard Dean, in a speech to the Young Democrats of Arizona, noted that last November's election didn't end up exactly the way he had hoped. But Dean, who had sought to become the party's presidential nominee last year, said people are prepared to vote for Democrats. They just have to have a reason. "The way the Democrats are going to win is not to become Republicans," the former Vermont governor told the partisan crowd. "The way the Democrats are going to win is to stand up for what we believe and not be afraid to tell the American people what that is."

What that is, Dean said, is a belief in health insurance for all, making sure all children have something to eat and reaching out to "those who are different."-from the story Thursday in The Arizona Daily Star.

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