Wednesday, May 04, 2005

''Howard Dean Touched Me!''

"Get your minds out of the gutter, people, it was not like that. I got to hear Howard Dean speak tonight @ Bar Broadway (in Sydney) and Lisa & I got our photo taken with him. He was very sweet and we put our arms around his waist and he had his arms around our waists and I thanked him for letting us take a photo and he beamed at me and said, "Oh, no no! It was my pleasure!" :-D

I have been a big fan of Dr Dean's since I found out he signed the first state law (Vermont) on same-sex civil unions, giving gay couples the right to get child custody, etc. I want all my gay pals + same sex couples everywhere to just have the same rights that straight people take for granted, so this was a step in the right direction. And Vermont, of all places! I mean, not as shocking as a "red state" but I just did not know little Vermont had it in her. Go maple, go maple, go go go maple syrup. :-)

It was very cool to hear Dr Dean speak tonight - I love this guy. He's very smart and well spoken and so logical/practical, it's quite refreshing. He's charismatic yet does not sound like "a politician." I was bummed when he gave up the presidential candidacy, but listening to him speak tonight really makes me want to believe that we can change things. I loved what he had to say. Might be harder to get involved from Oz, but it's still possible.

I had the most hilarious taxi driver yesterday, this cute little gramps. We got talking about George Dubya Bush + we had tons to say, but the funniest bit was when he said, "Heck, my dog is smarter than George Bush - I would have voted for my dog over him! No, really! My dog is extremely smart!" I laughed + said I wished I could have picked his dog over Monkey-face. ;-)"-from B-Fly: An Oz Blog. Dean in Australia this week?

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