Tuesday, May 10, 2005

''Dean: Dem unity key for victory''

More ink on politics from the Bay State: "Howard Dean says he'll tell Democrats to hold their punches during the gubernatorial primary next year, so one of them can land a knockout blow to Gov. Mitt Romney.

The explosive former presidential candidate, now chairman of the Democratic National Committee, will spread his message this weekend in Lowell at the state's Democratic convention. Before the primaries in winter 2004 abruptly deflated Dean's aspirations to become president, the outspoken medical doctor generated a strong following by issuing confrontational anti-war slogans. He quickly outpaced nine other Democrats in polls and popularity, becoming a target of some of them.

That experience, he said, is having a “big influence” on his leadership of the Democrat Party as it fights to regain seats lost to Republicans last year in the House, Senate and the White House. Although Dean will tailor his message this weekend to state Democrats, he's also been quietly orchestrating a comeback in Congress."-from the story today in the Lowell (MA) Sun.

How does Dean manage do all this while operating "quietly" and being
"outspoken" and "explosive"? And then having been "abruptly deflated"---it's a wonder the man can still breathe.

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