Thursday, May 19, 2005

''Dean revs up Young Dems with GOP rhetoric''

"In language strikingly similar to Republican rhetoric, Democratic Party leader Howard Dean said Wednesday in Phoenix that Democrats are the party of "moral values," "individual freedom," "personal responsibility" and "fiscal conservatives." "I am tired of being lectured to about moral values by a corrupt party," the former Vermont governor and 2004 presidential candidate told a cheering assembly of 300 members of the Young Democrats of Arizona.
Dean alluded to record budget deficits, the lack of health care for many Americans, the absence of a renewable-energy policy, and ethics problems faced by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay as examples of Republican corruption of ideals. He said his own party's moral values include making sure children are fed, health care is available for all, Americans respect differences in race, ethnicity and sexual orientation, and the nation "leads (the world) by example."-from the story today in The Arizona Republic.

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