Thursday, May 19, 2005

''Dean spills his secret to winning elections''

The headline writer is employing sarcasm, but this is a longer version of the story posted below, ''Dean: Don't mimic GOP.''

Here's a tidbit: "State party Chairman Jim Pederson was less shy about his feelings. "Sure, we could have done a better job on our message last year," he said. "We understand what we have to do to be successful next year and in '08." Peterson said part of that is plugging into what he said is the belief by many Americans that the country is heading in the wrong direction.
"We have to highlight that, we have to articulate that to the American voter," he continued. "And I think if we do that well and, just as Gov. Dean said this morning, if we remain true to our values I'm very optimistic about what's going to happen next year."-from the story today in the Arizona Daily Sun.

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