Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Democrat Burner says U.S. needs changes"

Seattle P-I:
Burner said that even though Reichert portrays himself as a maverick, he is beholden to the party instead of his constituents, voting outside the party line on select bills with preapproval from leadership. Significantly, Reichert broke ranks and voted against oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Burner says that despite the heavy investment from Democrats, her allegiance is only to the voters. She says she has received personal assurances from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that the investment from Democrats comes without strings.

That might be difficult to prove, because Burner for the most part supports the Democratic agenda.

"I am a lot like the voters in this district," she said. "From a demographic standpoint, the people who live in Graham are different then people who live in Medina by a fair amount."

Burner says she can relate to people from both places.

"I grew up in a very blue-collar background. I get what it means to be working as a waitress and to try to figure out how you are going to support yourself and your children. ... But I also understand what it is to have worked hard and gotten an education and gotten to the point where you are living in Medina.

"Understanding the working people in this district and the economic engines in this district is an unusual combination," she said.

Though the 8th District is demonstrably more liberal now than it has been in years past, Burner is clearly targeting swing voters by attempting to co-opt some issues that appeal to conservatives.

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