Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Horse's ass radio: jerome armstrong, mark warner, rev. "megaton" joe fuiton, the beginning of the end of an era"

The David Goldstein Show (tonight at 7pm,)KIRO:

7p: Jerome Armstrong will be on plugging paperback version of Crashing the Gate (co-authored with Markos of Daily Kos). That's the book that spells out the netroot strategy for taking over the world. (Conservatives and Republicans, [note the distinction] will not be allowed to listen. They can wait for the Trucking Truckers Show, the new syndication which replaces the eminently replaceable Bryan Styble presumably starting at 10 p.) Jerome was a key advisor to former VA Gov. Mark Warner, who recently took his name out of the running for president in 2008. (wonder what they got on him? maybe Jerome will tell all.)

8p: Goldy snuggles up to Pentecostals tonight as he talks to resident Jim West, one of the seniors being kicked out of the Cedar Springs Bible Camp near Lake Stevens, recently purchased by evangelical political activist, megachurchman, and mean landlord Rev. Joe Fuiton of Cedar Park Assembly of God. This show was cancelled a month or so ago when the the good reverend's lawyers claimed they wanted to settle, but it was, apparently, a stalling ruse to keep the principal's off the show. The attempts at eviction have been renewed, born again injustice marches onward taking advantage of a bull real estate market.

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