Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Democrats try to ride wave back to power"

Kansas City Star:
The questions for Republicans: Will their voters show up? Or, demoralized, will they stay home, as Democrats did in 1994?

The question for Democrats: Can they match the GOP get-out-the-vote efforts?
In politics, three weeks is an eternity.

“We face a very, very tough challenge,” said Kim Alfano Doyle, a Republican media strategist. “We need an October surprise. Another one not quite as surprising as Foley. Something a little better.”

Something like a rogue nation testing a nuclear weapon. Or an out-of-control plane smashing into a New York skyscraper, re-igniting post-9/11 terrorism angst.

“To me, the next key moment will be when we begin coming out of (the Foley story), what do we pivot into?” said Republican pollster David Winston. “What do Democrats do to try to grab the initiative? That will be very much a chess game.”

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