Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Emergency DFA meetng for DB in Bellevue tonite"

dinazina, commenting on Kos:
Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America whiz from Burlington VT, is working in Bellevue to help the DB campaign.

They are urging DFA members and ANYONE to attend this strategy meeting.

DFA has endorced DB and contributed money & expertise, thus Charles.

Bellevue Regional Library
1111 110th AVE NE
Meeting room 1---6:30 PM
Sunday October 29th: TONIGHT

Call him at 425-454-0519

Howie would love to go, but he has work for the The Orange Man tonite.

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Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Just so that's clear: it will be in Meeting room 1 at 6:30pm.