Friday, October 06, 2006

"Seattle P-I: inland West in play... & blogs deserve credit"

Goldy lays it down on Kos:

You can't get much more old school than Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Joel Connelly, the curmudgeonly dean of Washington state's political press corps, and a walking history book of the region's political lore. So when this old media stalwart throws the new media a compliment, you can bet that he didn't toss it off lightly.

In today's column -- "Democrats show signs of life in inland West" -- Connelly laments how the Democratic establishment abandoned once-blue, rural, Western districts. But he sees a ray of hope.

Lately, prodded by blog sites, the party has begun to notice the 5th District in Eastern Washington -- where rancher Peter Goldmark is opposing freshman GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris -- and the open 1st District in Idaho.

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