Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"MoveOn's campaign to win Congress"


The November election is our best opportunity in years to change the direction of our country. We can end Republican control in Washington if we get progressives in key districts to come out and vote.

That's why we've launched Call for Change, one of the largest volunteer phonebanking efforts in American history. MoveOn members will make more than 5 million phone calls to voters in 30 highly competitive House districts plus key Senate races.

This works! We tested this program in a special election in April, and our calls boosted voter turnout more than any volunteer phonebank ever studied. MoveOn members also made 77,000 calls to put Ned Lamont over the top in the recent Conecticut Senate primary.

Now, if we all pitch in, we're going to win back Congress.

Phone volunteers are the backbone of Call for Change. As a phone volunteer, you'll start right away phoning progressive voters in targeted congressional districts. We'll tell you who to call and what to say. Your calling can be from home (whenever it fits your schedule) and at neighborhood calling parties.

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