Sunday, October 08, 2006

"HORSE'S ASS RADIO: mike foley turning pages, cindy sheehan changing government, blathering michael busting dave reichert"

David Goldstein on his must-hear Sunday show (KIRO 7-10p) will discuss the widening Republican sex and cover-up scandal and what it means to local candidates and the GOP in general.

At 8p, peace mom Cindy Sheehan will join David by phone and will talk about the prospects of winning the war in Iraq. (they met at last Tuesday's Drinking Liberally and Rep. Jay Inslee, Sandeep Kaushik (speaking against I-920); 43rd LD candidate Jamie Pedersen (against I-9-33 ); and regulars Mollie, Lee, Carl, and Chad, she was a participant of the weekly Podcasting Liberally). You can listen here. (Stefan- here's a scoop that might turn the election: Goldy got Cindy to say fuck!)

She's the mother of Marine Sergeant Casey Sheehan, slain in Iraq. She camped in protest on George W. Bush's doorstep in front of his Texas summer dacha in 2005, and thus began his annus horribilus, which has shown no signs getting better.

At 9p, BlatherWatch anus horribilis, Michael Hood will join Goldy to talk about 8th District congressman Dave Reichert's self-identification as the guy that "captured" the Green River killer. the bountiful fruits of his research will be posted here Monday.

If you are beyond the sound of KIRO710AM's signal during the live broadcast, podcasting will be available later.

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