Thursday, October 19, 2006

"WA-08: Reichert--The Ultimate Rubber Stamp"

mcjoan looks at the latest Burner-Reichert polling, on Kos:

This morning kos posted the latest SUSA numbers for Darcy Burner's race against Dave Reichert, showing them at a statistical dead-heat, where they've been for a while now. Political Wire looked at the internals:

Key finding: Most Demographic groups are stable since the last poll. But two are worth noting: Among Independent voters, Reichert had led by 5, now trails by 10, a 15-point swing. Among affluent voters, Burner had led by 4, now trails by 5, a 9-point swing.

That clearly shows how much hammering your message home, on the stump and with advertising, pays. Reichert has been trying to scare people about Burner and the Dems raising taxes (which will always appeal to those "affluent" voters) and Burner has been hitting Reichert at every available opportunity on being the Rubber Stamp he is.

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