Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why You Should Care A Lot About Darcy Burner

..whether or not you live in WA-8.

Not just because Al Gore and Barack Obama are campaigning here with Darcy Burner this week.

Not just because she is "Netroots Endorsed" and is considered one of the best chances Democrats have to pick up another seat in order to become the majority in the House.

Not just because the Northwest Netroots have supported and rallied behind Darcy.

Here's what Jim Dean, Howard's bro who is now in charge at Democracy for America (DFA), the national grassroots organization with chapters in 49 states and a mailing list with 500,000 supporters, had to say last night in Seattle:
"We're blessed to have people like Darcy Burner." Why?? Because DFA "brings new people in" and supports and develops new leaders like Darcy who will "move up the political food chain" and become our progressive leaders in the future. Without the next generation of candidates like Darcy Burner, we cannot change the political course of our country. DFA has brought in one of their staffers, Charles Chamberlain, to work in WA-8 until November 7th.
Darcy Burner is our future. We can't succeed if she, and many more new candidates like her, can't succeed.

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