Friday, October 15, 2010

"Dems' next challenge: Linking secret election cash to economy"

Greg Sargent:
The question of whether voters will link the secret cash to the economy is part of the larger conundrum Dems are facing. The sputtering recovery has left the public deeply skeptical of Dem economic policies, and the only hope for Dems is to persuade people that GOP policies would be far worse. Dems hope the secret cash has handed them a new weapon to make that case: It isn't just that GOP economic policy has been proven wrongheaded; it's deliberately designed to help the wealthy and special interests at your expense. The GOP, at bottom, is not looking out for your interests. All this outside money -- coming from those who know very well which party butters their bread -- proves it.

So runs the closing message that Dems have settled on. The Dems' best hope is for voters to see the secret cash debate as an economic issue. We'll know whether it's working soon enough. MORE...

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