Friday, October 01, 2010

GRITtv: "Markos Moulitsas, Race to Nowhere, John Nichols and Stephen MacDonogh" (video)

GRITtv, with video:
"Ann Coulter hasn't beheaded anybody, I'm glad that's the new marker for extremism" says Markos Moulitsas of criticism of his new book, American Taliban. To the argument that comparing the American Right to the Taliban is unfair and hyperbolic, Markos notes that you don't have to go too far back in U.S. history to find lynchings and other forms of violence used in service of repressive ideas.

Markos joins Laura in studio to talk about the book, the Democrats' disdain for their progressive base, the problems with the filibuster, and much more.

What's all this talk about being in a "race" when it comes to education? Does the "Race to the Top" framing change anything? And what's all of this racing really doing for our kids? This week's featured documentary, Race to Nowhere, takes a look at just what's going on with our schools, and whether putting a lot of pressure on kids to ace constant tests and load themselves with work is actually producing happy, well-educated people.

"If Democrats are in trouble, we don't have to presume they are in trouble because they did too much." So says John Nichols, who sat down with Laura in Wisconsin, at Fighting Bob Fest, and discussed progressive congresspeople who have been stalwarts in Washington since their election on a wave of anti-Bush feeling--and who face tough races. Donna Edwards, Chellie Pingree, Phil Hare, Alan Grayson, Steve Kagan are all facing challenges this year, and are the kind of representatives that truly do make a difference in Congress. Nichols notes that if progressives like them keep their seats while other Democrats lose, there's a valuable lesson there for the party.

Finally, Stephen MacDonogh, author of Pioneers: The Frontier Family of Barack Obama, has some thoughts for everyone who wonders if Obama is "unAmerican."
Howie P.S.: Adam Serwer, posting on The Plum Line, is not optimistic about the post-midterm era:
If anything, the coming era is going to be one of more painful compromises on liberal priorities. Even if Democrats hold the House and the Senate, their majority in both houses is likely to be severely narrowed, if not erased entirely. Republicans lack an agenda beyond fishing for potential scandals, and despite the fact that Americans don't like them very much, the GOP will portray a takeover as an ideological mandate to prevent the Obama administration from accomplishing anything else on its agenda.

As much as liberals disliked Emanuel, his time in the White House will likely be remembered as the more successful and progressive part of Obama's first four years in office.

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