Tuesday, October 05, 2010

"Medical Use of Marijuana" (with video)

KBTC, with video (28:05):
Washington voters passed initiative 692, the medical use of marijuana law in 1998. The law let's patients meeting certain criteria use marijuana for medical reasons. But after more than a decade the law still lacks clarity, stirs controversy, and is at odds with federal law.

Recently the state of Washington added chronic kidney failure to the list of conditions for which medical use of marijuana is approved, but rejected petitions to add Alzheimer's and neuropathic pain.

Is marijuana medically relevant? Is it ever legal to buy or sell marijuana? And does the Washington State law permitting the use of medical marijuana criminalize and jeopardize the safety of it's citizens.

We're discussing the medical use of marijuana on this edition of Northwest Now.

The purpose of this show to is to explore issues from many perspectives. We searched for a qualified medical professional who opposes the medical use of marijuana to come on the program, but were unable to find one. This program in no way endorses the use of marijuana, and nothing presented in this program should be taken as medical advice. If you are having any health problems, consult your personal physician before starting any treatment plan.

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