Friday, October 15, 2010

"Orange to Blue: Suzan DelBene, WA-08"

Joan McCarter (Daily Kos):
Newspaper endorsements a winning candidate do not make. But here we once again revisit the 2008 election, and the last minute hatchet job the Seattle Times did on Burner, smearing her by saying that she was lying about her Harvard degree in computer science and economics, a smear that was quickly debunked, but not before the damage was done. Darcy lost another very close race, and based on the GOTV and tracking the campaign was conducting, it was that story that lost the race. That's not going to happen again.

This Orange to Blue endorsement for Suzan DelBene isn't about sour grapes, it's not even about finishing what we started four years ago. Well, okay, maybe it is about finishing what we started back then--proving that a smart, energetic, and capable progressive can win in a swing district. Suzan DelBene is all that. Her responses to our O2B questionnaire (which are posted below the fold) prove that she'd be a strong progressive voice in the House. MORE...

Howie P.S.: If anyone knows the backstory on the Seattle Times endorsement of DelBene this time, I've got an autographed copy of Markos' new book (American Taliban) for ya!

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