Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sable: "Bullies, Enablers and Victims: #NewSeattle Style"

The Sable Verity:
In August I went to work for a local organization, Tabor 100. My employment came at the end of an eight month process of vetting and working with members of the board to create the first-time position. After so much time invested, I was thrilled to be brought on board, and they were equally thrilled to have me.

I brought my “A-game” every day, until suddenly, everything changed. Out of the blue I was notified by two separate members of the board that an employee from the City of Seattle had contacted the organization to express their displeasure with the organization’s choice of a staffer- me- a person outspoken and critical of Mayor Mike McGinn. The unnamed employee was so upset, the relationship between the organization and the city was in jeopardy- and so was my job. The bully sent a clear message to Tabor; get rid of her, or suffer the consequences.

Within days, I was fired- a casualty of the organization’s fear; a textbook bully scenario. MORE...

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