Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WA I-1107: "American Beverage Association’s Total Contribution to Over $16 Million"

Morning Fizz (publicola):
The American Beverage Association, which has already gotten attention for bankrolling I-1107, the initiative that would repeal the temporary tax increases on soda, candy, and bottled water, contributed another $2.3 million on Friday.

That brings the Washington D.C.-based ABA’s total contribution to over $16.7 million. There are 11 other small contributions (between $100 and $10), but the ABA is essentially funding the entire 1107 initiative campaign.

As we reported yesterday afternoon, a new Elway Poll shows 1107 gaining ground, going from 47 percent “definitely” or “probably” favoring the measure in September, to 54 percent “definitely” or “probably” supporting it now.

Howie P.S.: This brings the cliche, "the best government money can buy" to new heights. More news on ballot measures from Morning Fizz here.

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