Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 MLK Day Roundup (with video)

UPDATE II: I am eternally grateful to the family of one my childhood friends who took me along with them to a "Prayer Vigil" featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. @ the Lincoln Memorial in 1956, in the early days of the movement to remedy the injustices in our nation. It was a consciousness raising experience. We drove to DC from New York in the family's station wagon, with us kids sprawled out on blankets in back. The young man of the family, who was my classmate, is now a prominent law professor who has written and advocated forcefully on civil rights and affirmative action.

UPDATE: Money quote (literally) from the Feingold interview:
What happened in my race was frustrating. What happened in 2010 was frustrating. But it is going to be worse in 2012 unless we do something—much worse. That's why money in politics is such a fundamental issue. In terms of the incredibly corrosive effect that unlimited spending by corporations has, we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg.... I think the process is being destroyed by this. Some of my future activities will involve challenging that directly.

H/t to AMERICAblog: from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last speech, video (03:14).

"Russ Feingold Speaks Out" (John Nichols-The Nation).

"Lawmakers: Close look needed at mental health issues" (Political Ticker).

"Fox News Reports No Link Between Matches, Gasoline and Fire" (The Borowitz Report).

Howie P.S.: Details on Seattle's traditional "MLK Day March & Celebration" @ Garfield High School are here.

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