Monday, January 10, 2011

"Goldy to The Stranger": Gamechanger for Seatttle Politics?

Goldy (on the left) in action @ a "Health Care Celebration"in March of this year.

Joel Connelly:
Among Northwest scribes he is the equal only of Dan Savage in "f" bombs and first-person references, and now David Goldstein (aka Goldy) of the website is joining Savage at The Stranger.

It was announced late Friday that Goldstein will be a full-time news writer at the Capitol Hill-based newspaper and website starting next month. No reference was made to the future of

Goldstein, a Philadelphia product, broke into Washington politics with a ballot initiative that sought to designate professional initiative promoter Tim Eyman as the rear end of a horse. MORE...

Howie P.S.: With McGinn's election, The Stranger established itself firmly as a major player in Seattle politics. Therefore, my answer is "Yes!" This gives David a great platform, (and a regular paycheck!).

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