Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Protesters now in Parliament Square"

Billy Bragg posted this photo on Facebook of students protesting against tuition hikes in London. From the article in the Irish Examiner:
Moritz Kaiser, a 17-year-old sixth-former from Oxford, was among those protesting today.

He said: “The tuition fee hike will affect my family quite badly and it is unnecessary when you look at how much is lost in tax avoidance.”

A dual British-German national, he now intends to head to the European mainland to avoid the additional bill.

“I was going to study here, but in Germany it is only €500 a year, and you get a free bus pass,” he added.

His friend, Lucio Pezzella, also 17 and at sixth-form college in Oxford, said the “wrong people were being punished” for the UK’s economic woes.

“Ordinary people shouldn’t have to pay for a crisis brought on by the bankers,” he said. MORE...

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