Saturday, January 29, 2011

"As Obama Plans to Move Forward, Progressives Wait for Specifics" (with video)

Sara Jerving (The Nation), with video (12:05) from MSNBC.
The Nation's Ari Berman joined MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell yesterday to discuss his meeting with Obama strategist David Axelrod on the president’s plans to move forward on economic policies. The meeting came in response to this week’s State of the Union address, in which Obama called for investments in technology, education and infrastructure together with a five-year domestic spending freeze.

Axelrod, Berman says, argued the speech had something for all progressives—technology, labor, infrastructure and education—with policy outlines that stand in favorable contrast to the Republican's mantra of “cut, cut, cut.”

Berman sees this as an attempt by Obama to better position himself politically so that the Democrats can effectively oppose GOP cries for specific program cuts. Author Richard Wolffe and New York Times blogger Nate Silver also weigh in on Obama’s speech and the president’s next steps.

For more on Berman’s meeting with Axelrod, check out his post “At White House, Axelrod Outlines Obama’s Post-SOTU Strategy [1].”

Howie P.S.: Meanwhile, Howard Dean is "jubiliant" about progressive hopes in the wake of the SOTU, video (05:52). Adam Green from the wanted a passionate defense of Medicare and Social Security from Obama and an indication of a willingness to fight more aggressively to protect them from spending cuts, video (04:24). Green wasn't entirely disappointed and he shares his "top six moments", video (04:50).

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