Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'The coincidence next time': "who cares what a bunch of psychologists say?" (about gun violence)

Balloon Juice:
But who cares what a bunch of psychologists say? Ross Douthat and Joe Klein say there can’t be a connection and they’re the real experts here (as in all topics). Increasingly, this reminds me of the debate over fiscal policy, where quantitatively illiterate Villagers’ unsubstantiated fear of debt drowned out the voices of Nobel laureate economists.

There’s a been a lot of political violence over the past 20 years, nearly all of it aimed either at people considered to be on the left (abortion providers, Democratic Congressmen) or the federal government directly (Oklahoma City, that IRS building). It’s all a big coincidence that this happened during a time of extreme right-wing rhetoric. MORE...

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