Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Rude Pundit on MLK, Jr.: "A janitor is as important as, say, Bill Gates?"

The Rude Pundit:
See, as we become more and more slack in our celebrations of Martin Luther King Day, our understanding of what King actually believed slackens, too. For many people in America, King is that dream guy who judged everyone on character, not skin color.


...King said, "[W]e must join the war against poverty and believe in the dignity of all work. What makes a job menial? I’m tired of this stuff about menial labor. What makes it menial is that we don’t pay folk anything. Give somebody a job and pay them some money so they can live and educate their children and buy a home and have the basic necessities of life. And no matter what the job is it takes on dignity. MORE...

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