Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Chanel 13 Video of Ingraham trees being cut.‏"

Steve Zemke (email), with video (02:54) from Q13:
It's going to take a long time to replace this canopy -70 year old 100 foot tall Douglas fir, western red cedar and madrone trees - part of an uncommon plant habitat in Seattle that has been further reduced. If voters had known the Seattle School District was going to remove some of the oldest trees in Seattle they would not have approved the bond issue for this building. Alternative sites existed on the Ingraham campus, which has 28 acres. It is the largest public high school campus in the city. Next time the Seattle School District wants a bond issue to build, voters need to ask them where, not just give them a blank check to destroy needlessly our diminishing urban forest.
Howie P.S.: Larry Lange has this story in this morning's PI: "Trees come down at North Seattle high school."Fans of the Seattle DJ who was recently rehired by The Mountain will recognize the voice of the announcer doing the ad on Q13 that precedes the news story.

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