Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"President Obama, Keep your Social Security promises" (with video)

Joan McCarter, with video (01:37):
Bernie Sanders has a message for the President [pdf]:

In a letter to the president, Sanders referred to what he called “worrisome reports” that Obama is considering cuts in Social Security. “I hope that information is wrong and that you will stand by your campaign promises to strengthen Social Security,” the senator said. “I urge you once again to make it clear to the American people that under your watch we will not cut Social Security benefits, raise the retirement age or privatize this critical program.”


Here are some of those promises.

...I believe that cutting benefits is not the right answer; I've seen too many seniors all across the country who are struggling with the limited Social Security benefits that they have; that raising the retirement age is not the best option....


What Barack Obama said in 2008 is just as true for President Obama in 2011: any cuts to Social Security, including raising the retirement age, are not the best option, and are unnecessary.

In the next few weeks, the White House is deciding what the President will say about Social Security in the State of the Union address--will he offer up Social Security in a Grand Bargain, or will he keep the promise he made to the American people in 2008? MORE...

Howie P.S.: Sam Seder escalates the argument: "If Obama Cuts Social Security, It Will Destroy the Democratic Party," video (04:33).

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