Sunday, January 30, 2011

(WA): "Pot dispensaries sprouting statewide"

Brionne Corbray's West Seattle medical marijuana dispensary has many choices of pot in neatly arranged rows of jars for those who can legally consume it.

Jonathan Martin (Seattle Times-front page, above the fold):
Medical-marijuana dispensaries are opening across the state, exploiting a loophole in the state medical-marijuana law that neither explicitly allows nor prohibits them. Under pressure from all sides to clear the haze, the Legislature is considering a wholesale rewrite of the law that would legalize, regulate and tax dispensaries and create the state's first authorized commercial marijuana farms.

When Wes Abney and David Jablinske decided to open their own shop, they incorporated with the help of a lawyer, got city and state business licenses and insurance for their inventory and leased a former sports bar in North Seattle.

Then they invited the cops in for a visit. Their shop, after all, is a medical-marijuana dispensary called West Coast Wellness.

"We want to do everything out in the open, above board," said Jablinske, a needle-thin 20-year-old. Abney, 22, nodded, saying, "The police can come in anytime."

Depending on how you view the state's 12-year-old medical-marijuana law, Abney and Jablinske are innovative pioneers or numskulls looking to get arrested.

Either way, they're clearly not alone.

Washington's new "potrepreneurs" are suddenly serious about catching up with California and Colorado in the medical-marijuana dispensary industry. MORE...

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