Friday, April 07, 2006

Bush: "Leaker-in-Chief"

Update [2006-4-8 11:57:6 by howieinseattle]: Editor & Publisher covers the print media on this issue and concludes, "Uproar Grows Over Bush Role in Libby Leakage."

Peter Daou comments:
"Not unexpectedly, there's massive blog coverage of this scandal. The question over the next several days is whether or not we'll get a functioning triangle on the left, a coming together of the netroots, the Democratic establishment and the press to bring this story to a head. If so, Bush and his administration will sustain major political damage; if not, this will follow a long string of similar outrages into the memory hole. My head tells me that the elements are in place for the former, my gut tells me that despite an initial flurry, we're headed for the latter. Time will tell."

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