Monday, April 17, 2006


Dina Lydia Johnson is a tireless activist and supporter of this site (she did the graphics, and contributes frequently). Here's a blurb from her latest, from her diary on Kos. I hear she's been invited to be a front-pager on Washblog. Congrats Dina!
"Jim McDermott is not just a Seattle Congressman. He is every liberal's representative. He's a thorn in the side of every Neocon, corrupt Republican, and Theocrat.

Jim's Story: Defending the people's right to know

This Diary announced my plans for an upcoming theatrical benefit, UnCaged Cabaret, to drum up support for Jim McDermott after an appeals court ruled against him in the suit Boehner vs McDermott, leaving him with about $700K in expenses and penalties.

But what about non-Seattle bloggers? Should you care, like you cared about Paul Hackett? Enough to contribute here?

Please jump with me..."

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