Saturday, April 22, 2006

FIVE on Dean

"Democratic Leader Dean Faces Balancing Act"
NEW ORLEANS - Howard Dean, long known for bucking the establishment, has spent much of his time as Democratic chairman trying to strengthen the party outside of Washington — and his rank and file loves him for it.

"He is truly nationalizing the Democratic Party and he's looking to the future," said Steve Achelpohl, head of the Nebraska state party.

Dean's approach, however, does not sit well with some Democratic critics in the nation's capital. They grumble, in private, that Dean perhaps is not focusing enough on fundraising for House and Senate races in November, particularly when the party sees an opportunity to reclaim power in Congress.=-from AP.

"Dean says Bush "cut and run" on Katrina"
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Democratic Party chief Howard Dean said on Saturday the Bush administration had "cut and run" on Gulf Coast hurricane recovery and created a political legacy of deficits, divisiveness and deceit.

Dean, speaking at the Democratic National Committee's spring meeting, said November's congressional elections would be a choice between real change from Democrats or more of the same from Republicans.

"There has been enough of fear, incompetence and corruption," Dean told DNC members. He said voters would judge President George W. Bush's administration and the Republicans on their slow response to Hurricane Katrina and failure to develop a suitable recovery plan.

"Republicans have cut and run when it comes to rebuilding the Gulf Coast, and we will not do that," he said.-from Reuters.

"Dean Says Republicans Offer `Deficits' and `Deceit'"
Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean said Saturday that George Bush, his chief adviser, Karl Rove, and Republicans in Congress offer Americans ``deficits, divisiveness and deceit,'' and predicted Democrats will retake the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in November.

``Six months from today, Americans will be asked one simple question: Do you want more of the same Bush and Republican policies or do you want change?'' Dean said at the spring meeting of the Democratic National Committee in New Orleans. ``The Democratic Party offers the American people the change they are looking for.''-from Bloomberg.

"DNC's Dean talks tough in Big Easy"
NEW ORLEANS -- Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, stood amid the soggy ruins of a devastated neighborhood here Friday and declared that Republicans would pay the price in the midterm elections for the Bush administration's response to Hurricane Katrina.

"This is a searing, burning issue, and I think it's going to cost George Bush his legacy, and it's going to cost the Republicans the House and the Senate and maybe very well the presidency in the next election," Dean said. "People will never forget this."-Chicago Tribune.

"In New Orleans, Dean Criticizes G.O.P. on Lack of Aid."
Howard Dean, the Democratic National Committee chairman, offered a broad attack on the Republican Party on Saturday, saying that the White House has "cut and run" in its approach to rebuilding this hurricane-ravaged region.

"Our current Republican government will be judged by how they treated Americans on our Gulf Coast, and how that government has mistreated our American community," Mr. Dean said. "The Republicans have cut and run when it comes to rebuilding the Gulf Coast. And we will not do it."

Mr. Dean noted how Democrats attending the party's spring meeting here had been dispatched across the community over the past three days, helping with cleanup and charity missions.-from Mr. Nagourney in the New York Times.

Seems like the print media is offering more coverage.


PSG said...

If I'm not mistaken, this would be Dr. Dean's first visit to the hurricane wrecked gulf coast. And Katrina hit in September? (That's 7 months, for those of you who attended public school) Perhaps the good doctor only recently learned of the storm. Either that or he just recently thought of a way to exploit the victims for political purposes. I live in Florida where we know a thing or two about hurricanes. This much is sure, local government leads the way in preparation and recovery. Democrat Mayor, Democrat Governor, Democrat Legislature. If I were the Chairman of that party, I'd be ashamed to show my face until things had "blown over" too!

Howard Martin said...

Dr. Dean was in New Orleans for the spring DNC meeting. Why did you want him to visit previously? He didn't neglect to make sure the population had adequate supplies and services to recover from the hurricane. The DNC did send staff and resources to the area and encouraged people to send support. Haven't you heard that it was the President of the United States who is directly responsible for the economic devastation, death and destruction that his incompentence caused? I am also curious about your "public school" comment. Are you implying that the millions of young people who attend public school wouldn't know about the date Katrina hit, but private school students would?