Saturday, April 01, 2006

"The Impeachment Agenda"

"It's an odd scenario, isn't it, when the Republicans are talking more about impeachment than Democrats. The GOP released a web ad today warning Americans that a Democratic Congress would vote to censure and impeach the President during a time of war. Yes, folks, this is their brilliant GOTV strategy. Vote Republican, or Bush gets the boot.

This outcome of the midterm election, of course, will come down to turnout. Democrats have a 10-15% lead in generic congressional ballots but all that is meaningless when Republicans in church buses show up to the polls in droves. As an internal GOP memo reveals, Republicans are very concerned about turnout. The memo advises GOP Chair Ken Mehlman that turnout could parallel that of the election in 1982 or 1984, where Republicans showed up in normal numbers, but the polls were flooded by Democrats "because they were angry."

I don't know if the Democrats will pursue censure or impeachment if they take back Congress. I do know they will conduct investigations, and having Conyers chair a committee with subpoena power is enough to get me off my butt and go knocking on doors on election day. Ironically enough, then, the more the GOP pushes the threat of impeachment to motivate its depressed base, the more it energizes our base. So, I for one welcome the GOP talking about censure, impeachment, and other tools of accountability--keep pumping our base, Kenny, and thanks for the motivation!"-Georgia10 on Kos.

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