Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Day of Dignity - Seattle" (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Paul Loeb, in his post linked below, comments
Why can't we have these kinds of marches to challenge the war or global warming, or all of Bush's arrogant reign? The anti-war marches were huge on the eve of the war, since then consistently disappointing, even as the polls steadily shift. Maybe it's because those more comfortable are behind our computers too much. Maybe the issues feel abstract or intransigent. Unless you have a son or daughter over serving it doesn't hit home as much as the raw callousness of Congressman Sensenbrenner's plan to make 12 million people felons, as well as anyone who gives them water or food, education or medical care. The Catholic churches that helped mobilize so many in their congregations here, have been silent on so many other issues, except abortion. And maybe we haven't taken enough time to organize all the diffuse anger about Bush beyond complaining to ourselves.
And the Seattle Times, in its day-after front page story today (Wednesday) headlines "Stunning turnout credited to word-of-mouth network."

"The organizers planned for 5000 but 40,000 filled the streets, and not a single arrest was made. It was life-changing to experience this and to know that this was happening all over the country. These photos help speak for me. If our country is inclusive enough to reject the Sensenbrenner bill, I could feel patriotic for the first time in awhile. This also taught me alot about the true meaning of family values. We have so much more than we realize in this country, and there is enough for all. Wedges are driven between us, but warfare and pay raises to CEOs dwarf what it would cost for all of us to have a decent standard of living. I am so proud to live in a multicultural nation of hard-working people, a nation of immigrants, a place where people can still dream."-from DiAnne Grieser's post on democracy Cell Project, tipped by Paul Loeb on The Huffington Post.

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