Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Dr. Dean Won! The Ponies Gather"

The Good Dr. Dean on CNN today,
"We have turned the Party around." For those of you who may not have noticed or who have forgotten, Dr. Dean has been waging a battle for control of the Democratic party.Over the last couple of months the likes of Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Joe other words the usual cast of Big Dem Suspects had challenged Deans 50 State strategy and how Democratic fundraisng is run, and how contributions to the Party are spent. The fact that we are seeing a nascent coordinated attack with John Kerry, Harry Reid and Dr. Dean attacking Bush as clearly and concisely as they have ever done, indicates that Dr. Dean has won the internal power struggle. He is now ready to start some big moves. In effect he has wrested the party away from the initial stranglehold held by those who would use the Party as merely and organ for their own campaigns and alliances."
-from buhdydharma's diary on Kos.

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How much Cheerleading do I need to do? If you don't know what Dean is doing you should find out. The future of the Party now rests squarley on his shoulders and he needs our Support ....and a pony. Dean is alot of the reason we are here. He is leading the Dems out of the Darkness of Shrum. Lets show him we appreciate and support him.

Now we have all heard about herding cats and how hard that is. But that is what The Progressive/Dem Alliance is. Herds of cats. Lets try herding them with Ponies! It will the very least, amusing.

Some of the most frequent complaints heard on Dkos; The Dems won't stand up, We have no leadership, We have no focus. Well, that is up to us isn't it? Here's some focus, here are some ways to get Dems to stand up...and here is a way for US to be the Leaders we are looking for. Its my opinion that the days of the Central Casting Candidate, the eggs in one mans basket are over. They are too vulnerable and to fallible. Lets find a telegenic, electable candidate...but lets be sure that candidate actually Represents us! By using the power of the Internet too make our voices and DEMANDS heard we can be the ones who set the agenda instead of the ones who react to the other sides agenda. We have the technology and the power to become leaders, lets use it.

First off, I propose we use it to support Howard and all the Dems working with him to attack Bush. They are going to be attacked back, both by the Repubs and disaffected Dems who don't see the progress being made. Politics is Public Relations. Politics is getting noticed. Lets get noticed. We did during Alito and we can do it again. Over the next little while I see some interesting places this could go. For now we will leave it at this.

Howard has earned a Pony...from each of us. E-mail, phone and do all your normal stuff. What I would like to center this around is Snail Mail. Its about getting noticed and being needed. If Howard and those who help him start recieving a bunch of small donations in the Snail Mail with a five dollar bill and a picture of a pony. It will get noticed...and just as here on Dkos the Pony Buzz will grow.

By all means spread the Power of Pony Politics by talking Pony writing Pony, thinking Pony, Becoming one with Ponies whatever. Be aware that if their is interest, I will be turning the Pony a little bit away from silly and cute. Should be fun. Have a pony, Howard.

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