Thursday, April 13, 2006

Seder in Seattle

Update [2006-4-13 21:39:32 by howieinseattle]: Halfway through the Seder, as I was reading through the prayers, I realized there are Ten Plagues. The Tenth Plague involved the death of the first born male of all non-Jews in Egypt.

We are having a belated Passover Seder dinner in our multi-cultural household tonight. Part of the story of Passover is about the Nine Plagues that God visited on Egypt because of the oppression the Pharaoh inflicted on the Jews. Finally, because of the pain and suffering the plagues caused his people, the Pharaoh released the Jews from their slavery and let them seek their freedom by leaving Egypt. Today, there are several thoughts that this story provokes. Here's one:
There are "plagues" all around us today. We can't flee. We must resist.

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