Monday, April 10, 2006

"The DLC Readies Itself for a Democratic Majority"

Like other smart people in business ( believe me, politics is a business--maybe our m0st important one), the folks at the DLC are looking ahead and making plans. As Markos and Jerome have been saying in print and on their tour, the netroots is behind in the race to create an infrastructure to support political idea-making and governance.
Ok, so let's talk policy for a sec. Here's what Bruce Reed and Rahm Emanuel intend to implement should Democrats gain some measure of control in 2006. Policy is being hashed out by something called the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institute, which is what Bruce Reed is going to use as a basis for his book 'The Plan' later this year.

So if Democrats take control of a House, there will be a fight within the party over entitlement reform, otherwise known as gutting Social Security and Medicare, over school vouchers, and over trade. Right now, the centrists are in the drivers seat.

The next forty years are going to be hard work, for real. But first, whether Democrats win or lose in 2006, we'll have to save Social Security again, and maybe this time from the Democrats.

-Matt Stoller on MyDD.

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