Monday, April 10, 2006

Howard Dean Brings Together Gore And Clinton

I'm not sure if this is all good news.
"Tonight, former vice president Al Gore will join ex-Pres. Bill Clinton at a gala fundraiser in New York (has any fundraising dinner in New York ever not been a gala?) for the Democratic National Committee.

The event honors Maureen White, who labored for five years as the DNC's finance chair -- under both Terry McAuliffe and current chair Howard Dean.

White is stepping down from her DNC perch. After a short break, she'll join the Senate re-election campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Gore, whose relationship with his former boss chilled, then warmed, then sort of evened out, is a last-minute addition to the line-by-line.

DNC Regional Field Organizer Anathea Chino has the hardest job. Chino will deliver a presentation on the DNC's 50-state organizing project to the audience of deep-pocketed donors and New York's political media elite.

The dinner will net the DNC about $1.3 million."
-MARC AMBINDER on Hotline on Call.

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